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Challengers Kingston and Richmond Play and Youth Schemes

Challengers are looking to reach out to families with children and young people living in the Kingston and Richmond Boroughs, who would be interested in attending Challengers Play and Youth Schemes. They include every child – including children who have complex impairments and who need 1:1 support. 

They are taking new registrations and are eager to reach out to all disabled children and their families, people who might benefit from a Challengers play or youth scheme – any child who has any impairment, disability or ‘SEND’. 

Schemes operate every Saturday during term time and weekdays during the Easter and Summer holidays. The Kingston Play Scheme is based at Bedelsford School and the Richmond Youth Scheme is based at Whitton Youth Zone.

For more information and/or to book a first visit please visit their website or call them on 01483 230 930.