Richmond (unpaid) Carer Strategy Consultation

We all know that being a Parent is difficult, being a Parent/Carer where we are caring for our children is often harder still and affects our mental and physical health.
In Richmond, there is a public consultation currently open to inform and improve the Richmond Carer Strategy; traditionally Carers needs are focussed on those caring for the elderly, this is vital, but is not the whole picture.  So… this consultation could be a really good opportunity to raise the profile of parent carers, and their needs.
The draft Richmond Carer Strategy sets out the priorities we will tackle together to support, recognise and value unpaid carers.
Unpaid carers are an integral element of the health and social care system. They provide an invaluable service that ensures the continued health and wellbeing of those they care for, and act as experts-by-experience who deliver vital services that are nationally worth the annual budget of the NHS.
Our vision is for unpaid carers in Richmond to be able to achieve their full potential, live their lives with confidence and resilience, and access circles of support and quality services that promote independence and deliver value for money.
The draft strategy identifies three priorities that have been developed based on local engagement with carers and other stakeholders, the recently completed Richmond Carer Needs Assessment and national strategic initiatives. 
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