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Our Barn Community - Our Futures

My name is David Roughan and I work for Our Barn Community.

Our January programme is coming up and I am writing to you as I would like to give you better understanding of what we offer.

The Programme is a FREE 15 week Personal Development course for young people aged 16-35 who have a disability or Autism. Teams usually consist of about 6 members. It is a programme designed to give young people experiences that they can use to reflect upon and improve their employability skills, gaining social and practical skills in the process. We put a large emphasis on leading a healthy lifstyle through, exercise and positive food choices. The Our Futures Programme aims to re-engage young people, helping them to focus and think about their futures. It helps to build self-esteem, confidence and motivation by working as a team and with their local community. It’s all about getting young people out and about, facing challenges, learning new skills and realising their potential.

A rough break down of our 15 week programme is:

• Induction - Meeting with staff to discuss the programme and how staff can support you fully.

• Introduction - Getting to know each other through a variety of fun games and activities.

• Team Building- We work on an action packed activity week designed to develop motivation, confidence and team work and challenge them to break out of their comfort zones!

• Community Projects - The team will choose and plan community projects and complete them as a team.

• Work Placements and World of Work Tours- An opportunity for the team members to try out a job that interests them and experience varied working environments.

• Future Steps- Job searches, interview techniques and C.V. workshops.

• Celebration- The team plan and host a presentation of their achievements to their family, friends and sponsors.

Again the Programme is 100% free to anyone unemployed and not in education or training.

If you know someone who could benefit from joining the Our Futures Programme, please contact David on 07933396851, Jamie on 07484326073 or alternatively email us. Email: or


Our Barn Community Our Futures

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