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Creativity in Nature - A FREE Programme For Young People

1PM to 3PM
Heatham House and Crane Park in Twickenham..

The benefits of being outside in nature are plentiful – stress alleviation, relaxation and the reduction in symptoms of depression are just a few. It also helps social interaction so you make friends more easily and feel less isolated.

Why don’t you join us for four weekly FREE 2-hour sessions. Slow down and reconnect with yourself and your environment in this nature-based, discovery led programme.

Typical activities include walks, some light conservation work or gardening. This would be combined with a range of nature focused creative activities designed to improve mental and emotional wellbeing. You do not need to be good at art to benefit from creating and exploring the art materials. There will be time to talk and share collective struggles if you wish to.

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The Wild Mind Project




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You can send yourself a reminder email three days prior to events taking place. 'Creativity in Nature - A FREE Programme For Young People' took place on 26 September 2021.