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Sensory issues and ADHD

8PM to 10PM

This webinar is for parents, carers and professionals wishing to understand more about sensory issues and ADHD and how best to support children with these difficulties.
About the speaker
Karen Garner, Managing Director of The Sensory Smart Child Ltd, a private Paediatric Occupational Therapy practice based in Surrey will present this session. She has been published in SEN magazine, is an SI network module 4 mentor for advanced treatment and runs regular training courses for schools, educational psychology services, local portage teams, parents and teachers. She has also lectured with the SI network and The National Autism Society Conferences.

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ADHD Richmond and Kingston



We charge a modest amount (£5) for our seminars in order to help us cover our costs, yet we also want them to be affordable to as many people as possible. We have a limited number of free tickets for those who are not in a position to pay. To apply for a free ticket, please get in touch with Annette at

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