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Recent comments about Croft Cottage closing

Recent comments about Croft Cottage closing are untrue. EnhanceAble the provider of overnight short-break care services at Croft Cottage, has taken up the contract for the brand new, purpose-built centre at Moor Lane, Chessington. The new centre will be available to support children and families from both Kingston and Richmond from June 2021. 

As a result of taking up this new opportunity, Enhanceable does not have the capacity to continue to be the provider at Croft Cottage after June 2021. We are grateful for the excellent services that EnhanceAble has provided for us at Croft Cottage over the last five years and are pleased that we will be able to continue our partnership.  We have not currently been able to secure a replacement provider for Croft Cottage, but continue to look at all possible options.

Achieving for Children is working closely with the six Richmond families who currently use Croft Cottage to decide the right overnight short-break care packages for their children. Some of these families are content with their children being cared for at the new Moor Lane centre, including the continuity of relationships and care that the staff members from EnhanceAble will provide. We continue to work with those families who have concerns about moving to Moor Lane to find a solution based on their children’s individual needs.