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Kingston Council response to the spending round announcement

Kingston Council cautiously welcomes the Chancellor's spending round announcement to increase funding for council run services including adult social care, SEND and reducing homelessness.

Sajid Javid promised access to £1.5bn new funding for social care (however it is proposed £0.5bn of this is to be achieved through an Adult Social Care Precept which will be consulted on by Government) and an 11% increase in funding (£700m) for supporting children and young people with special education needs and disabilities (SEND). He also outlined plans to increase school spending by £7.1bn by 2022-23 and £54m of additional funding to reduce homelessness and rough sleeping.

Leader of Kingston Council, Cllr Liz Green, said:

“The government’s recognition of the need to rebalance the past cuts in funding for some of the most vulnerable people in the country, is of course welcome and we wait to see if Kingston will receive any additional funding.

"Kingston has a significant shortfall in the grant we receive to support the increasing numbers of children and young people with SEND. The Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) is just not enough to cover the cost of meeting these needs.

"We along with other council’s would welcome some certainty over funding - not living year to year, not knowing what budgets will be. Unfortunately, like many trying to plan how they will support vulnerable people, there is little or no certainty in the current environment.”