Hygiene is about well-being, self-confidence and dignity. We believe no one should be left struggling to wash their hair, brush their teeth, change their baby's nappy as often as needed or not afford sanitary protection because of low wages, high housing costs, benefit cuts, illness or bereavement. The Hygiene Bank gives people in crisis access to these basic hygiene and personal care essentials to give them back their dignity.

We collect NEW and UNOPENED:
•    Sanitary pads & tampons 
•    Shampoo & conditioner
•    Face wash & wipes 
•    Shower gels 
•    Deodorant 
•    Disposable razors & shaving foam
•    Toothpaste & toothbrushes 
•    Body & face lotions 
•    Baby toiletries & nappies 
•    Make-Up 
•    Laundry products 
•    Beauty gifts

Hygiene Bank needs more donations and drop off points around the local area. For more information please visit their website here. If you are able to help, please contact THBkingston@gmail.com