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Update on review of therapy provision in Kingston and Richmond

The detailed needs analysis of all therapies across Kingston and Richmond is being completed.  It is anticipated that remaining work will be finished by the end of February, with the report shared at that point.  The review includes current and future provision for speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy for children and young people with education health and care plans in specialist resource provisions, academy special schools and mainstream schools in the boroughs.  There is consideration too of the needs within our SEN Support cohort.  

Next steps include:

  • consideration of main findings of report by involved parties such as the Councils and the Clinical Commissioning Group
  • consultation on the findings with stakeholders, including schools, children, young people and families.  We expect this to start by the end of March, aiming for a finalisation of proposals in May.  
  • agreement of revised contract and commissioning arrangements once consensus on the future delivery model has been agreed 
  • preparation of an action plan to deliver both short and long term priorities.  The aim is to begin implementing changes from the start of the next academic year in September