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The future of overnight short break care at Croft Cottage

The future of overnight short break care at Croft Cottage

Details of an announcement made today. 

Dear Parent/Carer

As you may be aware, the future of overnight short break care at Croft Cottage has been under discussions over the last two years. I am delighted to share the news that, following discussions with Cllr Penny Frost and the new administration in Richmond, overnight short break care will continue to be provided at Croft Cottage for the foreseeable future. I know from speaking to many families that the support offered to children and young people over the years at Croft Cottage has been highly valued, so I am sure this will be viewed as positive news.

We will be inviting suppliers to bid to deliver overnight short break care from Croft Cottage as part of a single contract which will also include the new Moor Lane respite centre. By aligning the two services into a single contract, we will be better placed to secure a sustainable future for both facilities. We would like the views of parents to be reflected in the specification for the new service, which we will be developing over the coming months.

We anticipate that the new contract will be ready to start from September 2019. In the meantime, we will continue to provide overnight short break care through Croft Cottage, High Ashurst and Warren Park.

Yours sincerely,


Robert Henderson                               Cllr Penny Frost

Director of Children’s Services           Cabinet member for Children and Schools



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