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Hate Crime

Hate Crime

On Wednesday 4th July staff from the NE Cluster Youth Team and the youth participation team held a successful event looking at the rise in hate crime and prejudice in the UK in the last few years and ways to overcome it. Over 50 students attended from Kingston Academy, Orleans, Tiffin Girls, Coombe Girls, Hampton High, Brentford School for Girls and Buckingham Primary School. 

This was to explore some of the issues raised in a film made by young people at Ham Youth Centre previously.

We had two inspirational guest speakers, Ravi Arora from Richmond Ethnic Minorities Advocacy Group and Mike Ainsworth from Stop Hate UK.

Young people then split in to revolving workshops and explored issues raised by the film such as media portrayal of refugees and immigrants, stereotyping of different groups and the relation between hate crime and racist bullying in school or on social media.

It was evident that many young people had not had the opportunity to delve in to these issues previously. When we live in a time where there is more polarisation and tension between ethnic and religious groups then since the 70s and 80s.  It is essential that young people are trained in critical thinking and to value diversity and tolerance.

Please watch the film we made: