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Kingston Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

The SEND Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) for the Royal Borough of Kingston is now uploaded onto the JSNA website. 

View the Kingston SEND JSNA

View both the Kingston and the Richmond JSNA

What is a JSNA ?

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) describes the current and future health and wellbeing needs of people who live in the borough.

It is used to identify the areas where the Local Authority, the NHS and the voluntary sector need to focus their efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of the local community.

It is not just about health and social care services, it reflects the many factors that can affect the health and wellbeing of an individual and a population. It also focuses on reducing health inequalities that sometimes exist between different population groups. 

Why do we need a JSNA ?

The JSNA is a statutory obligation.

The Health and Social Care Bill (2012) says that Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups have an equal duty to prepare JSNAs which will then inform the priorities of the local Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

Each area of the country has a Health and Wellbeing Board that is responsible for overseeing the delivery of the strategy.

The JSNA aims to describe the ‘big picture’ in terms of health and wellbeing. This information is critical to identifying local priorities and making sure that the correct services are commissioned in order to achieve better health and well being outcomes.

The JSNA provides documented evidence of local need which is a valuable source of information for many local professionals and stakeholders in the NHS, Local Authority and also the voluntary sector, to steer the future direction of their work. It also provides residents with localised data and information on a wide range of topics that affect local people’s health and wellbeing.